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Chromaphone combines acoustic resonators to create drums, percussion, string, and synth-like instruments.
Membranes, bars, marimbas, plates, strings, and tubes form pairs that get sparked into life by a mallet and a flexible noise source.
The resonators’ material, tuning, and coupling parameters allow the creation of a wide range of instruments and sonic colors.


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The chromaphone is built around acoustic resonators: tubular membranes, plates, and tubes with a pair of radiating bars and a mallet that create a diverse array of sounds.
Both the low-frequency elements and the high-frequency bars are made of polypropylene to ensure high stability and minimum density.
The membranes and tubes can be made of different materials according to the required sound, but the kits come in PVC, aryx, wood, aluminum, korina, and ABS.
The membrane used for the chromaphone has a higher mass than usual, which results in a more expressive and clearer sound.
A rigid wood frame keeps the membranes and the bars in place and allows the user to build different arrangements.
For the bass strings, nylon and stainless steel wires are used instead of metal.
A flexible noise source (sine generator) and an analog trigger are used to shape the sound.
With the analog trigger, you can quickly focus the sound coming from the noise source to any of the chromaphone’s elements.
The analog trigger is user-friendly and versatile.
It can be connected directly to the sound source and to its outputs or to a power supply with a trimmer.
The analog trigger has both 24V and 12V outputs and has been designed with care for good ergonomics and long battery life.
Built-in recharging systems for the NiMH and NiCd batteries are available.
A light flashing indicator on the power supply switch gives you an immediate visual confirmation of power source depletion.
A total of 26 combinations of bar, membrane, and tube sizes can be selected.
As a result, any length, diameter, material, and resonance can be used.
These combinations allow you to create drums, a guitarmonium, tamtam, string quartet, flute, or any other instrument.
In the images below, for example, tubular membranes and bars have been used for the drum kit, and the sound is amplified by a preamplifier.
The actual kit is handmade, which produces each sound element in a different way.
For example, to reproduce the sound of a standard snare drum, the tubular membranes are used for the bass drum, hi-hat, and tom tom, and the bars are for the snare drum and cymbals.
If you prefer to build the kit according to your own preferences, you can modify it freely.
Or you

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Chromaphone is an open-source hardware that combines membranes, bar resonators and tubes to create music in the same way an electric guitar and guitar amplifier would.
This is a note on the use of the term «drum». Chromaphone creates a unique drum,
quality which is part of a wider musical palette.
Unlike a typical drum kit, the resonance is very much the primary characteristic of the instrument.
To play the Chromaphone, all the players need to do is hit the resonator.
The design of Chromaphone creates a constant overtone which makes the sound of the instrument very loud,
but also dynamic, and can be played using a wide range of timbres.
Chromaphone comes with a mallet
and a flexible noise source.
Together these create a soft strike on the membrane resonator.
The first resonator to be hit is the bass bar resonator.
It’s note resonance matches the frequency of the mallet hit.
When this resonance is created, it snaps you back into the rhythm of the music.
Next the membrane resonator is struck,
in the pattern of the main sound.
The second and third resonators are added, but this time the pattern of the main drum is not maintained.
Next a pair of resonators are created to create the hi-hat and drum snare.
Then a single resonator is created to play the kick drum.
Finally a pair of resonators are created to play the hi-hats and the tom toms.
The final two resonators are created to play the cymbals.
This produces the typical drum sound.
Each resonator can create a range of tones and timbres.
Along with this is the ability to mute or add more resonators.
The pitch and sound of each resonator is set with a joystick and knobs.
These controls are then used to set the behavior of each resonance.
As stated in the previous section, Chromaphone is not a drum kit.
When playing Chromaphone, the player is not expected to hit the resonator in a traditional pattern.
Rather the instrument should be played freely with various techniques and timbres.
The player is also not expected to produce a fully defined drum kit sound.
Due to the sound of the instrument it’s expected that the player makes their own unique sound.
I’ve created a series of videos about Chromaphone below.

Chromaphone Keygen For (LifeTime)

[

Monotronoid is an instrument that converts sound waves into a chain reaction of organic growths, or like a face the size of an area of the moon.
In Monotronoid’s most basic form, a membrane is set into motion by air pressure and a fixed frequency string.
As the membrane expands, like the skin of a balloon, the membrane’s surface bends, in turn, the skin splits and pulls apart the membrane in the center, this slows the membrane’s momentum and causes it to break into pieces, each of which grows into a new membrane.
Monotronoid Description:
[

Falken Effect, is a synthesizer engineered to sound like a sine wave oscillator.
The filter can simulate the three dominant and perfectly harmonic overtones of a continuous sine wave.
That’s why simple, single waveforms with sharp corners can be used to completely change the character of a sound.
Alternatively, the three frequencies can be altered at the touch of a finger.
Falken Effect Description:
[

Skywave is a musical instrument based on the Amazon Rainforest.
The original elements are made out of palmyra resin, a hard and brittle plant product, and river rocks.
The player has to combine them to release a melody.
The speed, rhythm and notes are perfectly related to the climate of the Amazon Rainforest.
Skywave Description:
[

The Wiring Can Do Anything is a synthesis prototype made with custom electronics.
It sounds like a jouster’s hackney and strikes around the body as a the horse’s brush.
It is capable of dashing all over the body and nibbling other animals as well as the player, if he forgets that he has a body.
The wiring can also be used to beat a drum solo over your body if you’d like.
The Wiring Can Do Anything Description:
[

The Shaking Harp sounds like an animal with a bone in the throat.
If you put your ear to its mouth and hear a strange rattling sound, you’ll know it’s the instrument.
It sounds like a harp because it is held up by its strings.
The strings are made from hollow glass tubes that suspend from a neck.
The player strikes the instrument with a stick.
The Shaking Harp Description:

What’s New in the Chromaphone?

Chromaphone is a MIDI-enabled, virtual instrument for generating acoustic and electronic drums, percussion, string, and synth-like sounds. With its six fully-assignable chromatic mallets, Chromaphone offers the opportunity to create continuously changing sounds in virtually any rhythm pattern. By combining the resonator concept with the instrument’s movement, source, attack, and decay, Chromaphone gives you tools that allow you to create a wide range of instruments with different sonic features.
Six Percussion-Style Mallets:
All mallets are fully assignable to the six chromatic tones A–G. The mallets are all well suited for an electric, acoustic, or electronic sound.
Parametric Resonators:
Chromaphone’s resonators act as both the source and the sound production mechanism and are flexible enough to make almost any kind of instrumental sound imaginable.
Each resonator provides a unique waveform and tuning.
Different Colors:
The chromatic mallets and resonators can be used in combination to create different colors and sounds.
Real-Time Sound Creation:
Chromaphone uses the performer’s MIDI playing action to shift through the different resonator waveforms or to control the instrument’s tuning with a pitch wheel. For string instruments, an optional microphone can also be used to play the notes.
MIDI Input:
Chromaphone supports the most popular MIDI sources and protocols, including SMF, AudioSuite, and VST.
Chromaphone is available from Propellerhead Software as a VST instrument for macOS, Windows, Linux and iPad for £99.95. Chromaphone can also be purchased as a subscription for £239.95 per year (or £199.95 for three months). If you subscribe to Chromaphone, you will get access to all future releases and updates. All the source sounds and other assets are free to download for people who do not wish to subscribe. You can also download the trial version for 30 days. Chromaphone will be available as freeware from January 2016.

Yoel Carmy is a classically trained musician who loves to push limits and explore new sonic territory. He has played drums and percussion on stage and in the studio with bands like Pearl Jam, the grunge rock band Mudhoney, and the punk rock band Dead Moon. He was also featured on the covers of the Yippee Ki-Yay (Freedom Records)

System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7
Processor: 1.8 GHz
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: Video card must be DirectX 8.0 or higher
DirectX: Version 8.0
Hard Drive: 8 GB available space
Minimum resolution: 1024 x 768
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible sound card
Internet connection: 56 Kbps internet connection
Internet Browser: Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher, Firefox 2.0 or higher, or


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