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In times where security is no longer something that can offer complete protection, one still looks for methods of at least giving hackers a harder time accessing valuable data. A common security practice are passwords, but you can’t just add them to all files. As such, applications like Cr!ptAES got developed, just in case specific files or folders need to be protected at all costs.
Simple interface quickly gets you up and running
On the visual side of things, the application keeps everything simple, and all features wrapped in a classic window style. The upper toolbar is fitted with most controls and options, a large area is used to display files you load, while process-related settings are all placed together in a separate section.
The neat thing is that you don’t have to target any specific file, because all of them are supported. These can be loaded by simply dragging them over the main window, or using the built-in dialogs to browse for files or entire folders.
Multiple algorithms and password generator
As the name might suggest, the main process is based on AES encryption. A drop-down menu is put at your disposal to select from different bit versions of AES, as well as Blowfish or Serpent. Moreover, the application comes with a built-in password generator, in case you lack the inspiration for a security key.
However, you need to keep that generated password safe, because it’s the only way you can recover files. In this regard, there’s a quick function that sends it to the clipboard so you can paste it in a secure document, or even write it down on a piece of paper.
Several operations to perform
Apart from making files close to impossible to access, the application also has a few other tricks up its sleeve. These count as operations and the default one is set to automatic detection. In other words, you can let the program decide whether the file needs to be encrypted or decrypted, manually override, fingerprint files, shred them, or just count and show corresponding details.
It’s quick and easy to set up the application. One thing you need to keep in mind though, is that it can’t properly run without .NET Framework, so go ahead and install it if you haven’t already. Moreover, encrypted files require the application to be installed, because Windows doesn’t recognize the specific encrypted format.
A few last words
To sum it up, Cr!ptAES manages to live up to expectations, proving that it’s possible for a lightweight application to get the job done as intended. Getting accustomed to the set of features is a walk in the park thanks to the simple design, while the features put at your disposal let you secure, unlock, and even permanently remove all traces from the computer, just to make sure you’re on the safe side.







Cr!ptAES Crack Incl Product Key Free Download For Windows [Latest-2022]

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“The very fact that the owner of a favorite web site, or a file, needs to encrypt it, puts it out of his control. Only he can pick it up and look, and the law doesn’t require him to report stolen property. So, maybe he’s not the best person to keep the files and the passwords safe.”
Highly reliable even with a keylogger
Existing workflows for encryption
While the odds that you’d want to encrypt the one and only copy of your hard drives are really remote (except for pretty specific tasks), encryption is most useful when it comes to protecting sensitive data. As such, the most commonly used software is password protected container files, which were the first type to be used. However, encryption is also used in more complex tools, which rely on an installable key manager to keep its database secure.
On the Windows platform, the virtualised platform that provides users with most software, encryption is a built-in feature. It is used to protect documents from accidental deletion, as well as to keep data from being accessed. Accessing a password protected file is out of question, and will yield to an error message. The specific lock symbol serves as a visual indicator that a file has been password protected.
Major operations are available. They’re most useful for files of the type stored on your hard drive, and they’re also the most commonly used ones. Encrypting a file will make it inaccessible unless you manage to unlock it. Moreover, those who haven’t

Cr!ptAES Free Download

Looking for a tool that lets you encrypt and decrypt files? Cr!ptAES is what you’re looking for. Its quick and easy interface also lets you do other things like shred and fingerprint files.
Cr!ptAES Special Features:
* AES (128-bit and 256-bit)
* Blowfish
* Serpent
* Shred files
* Fingerprint files
* Get unknown password
* Show details about files
Cr!ptAES Requirements:
This tool runs on Windows 7+, Windows Vista+, and Windows 2000+. Mac OS X 10.6 or Windows XP are also supported. It cannot be installed on Windows 2000 SP 3.
Cr!ptAES Limitations:
This tool has no limitations.
Cr!ptAES Compatibility:
It works with all Windows devices. Mac OS X users can use it as well.
Cr!ptAES File Size:
| Size: | 32.34 MB |
Cr!ptAES Bytes:
| Bytes: | 35933697 |
Cr!ptAES Price:

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Cr!ptAES With Serial Key Download

Encrypt, decrypt, obfuscate, shred, change and rename, and even decrypt and encrypt with different keys.

Encrypted file can be read only by the program, or by other users while an administrator is logged in.

Anyone who has the password, even a hacker, will not be able to read encrypted files.

Starts automatically at system boot.

Computer security by Its Own Standards:

Stop unauthorized users from accessing your computer!

Secure all your most valuable information for your peace of mind.

Start very fast, do not require additional programs and tools.

Password can be toggled on and off (the program does that for you).

Advanced features:

No additional cost to purchase and install or update the program.

Very easy to use, no expertise required.

Detect all types of encrypted files.

Backup, restore and rename the encrypted files to the backup folder.

Auto-detects and automatically encrypts files and folders with password.

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What’s New in the Cr!ptAES?

Cr!ptAES is the first and only application that enables you to secure your files by protecting them. Simply drag and drop files to CRPT and they get instantly encrypted before being sent over the air to any receiving computer. Files can be protected using any password.
Cr!ptAES Features:
— Secures all files, all types, and in all modes: read, write, and delete.
— Password protection can be set for any file or folder.
— Encrypted files can be marked as shred.
— Secure and Simple UI for Quick and Easy Set-up.
— Minimal UI, lots of space to show your files.
— One-click to open/view/close dialogs.
— Keeps the original size.
— One-click to send encrypted files by email.
— Customize Save Password Dialog.
— Recipient’s Email Address can be changed to protect a single file.
— Random Password Generator with suggested characters.
— Shreds encrypted files
— Clean-up and Optimization.

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System Requirements:

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Internet Connection
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