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RDPConnect is a small Vista widget that helps you connect to a remote desktop quickly. You could input a host or select from the list of early visited hosts.










Protection ToGo is a great application that allows you to encrypt your files on a USB drive or flash drive using 256-bit AES algorithm. The software supports a wide variety of file types and provides users with options to encrypt or decrypt individual files as well as the whole database. The built-in search and email functions allow you to quickly look for a file or email address stored in the database. You can also store a set of passwords into the database for safe keeping. The software is very easy to use and comes with a full feature list.
Download the portable software and run it from your portable media.
The program will guide you through the installation procedure and will make a few adjustments to the settings.
Start the program after installation and it will offer you to create a database. This database will hold the information about the files stored on your portable drive.
Select the file type that you want to protect and click OK to add the file to the database.
Add all the other files in the same manner by following the on-screen instructions.
Type a password and click OK to save the settings and exit the program.
The program comes with a User Guide that provides you with all the information about the available features. You can also create multiple folders and access to them using a simple interface.
The program encrypts all the added files by default. You can add a password and access the files stored on your portable storage device by using the provided web browser.
You can also easily access the database and analyse the information by using the built-in search and email functions. You can also create a password database that will store your website login credentials, email passwords or other passphrases.
The program supports multiple languages and uses two languages at the same time, depending on the need.
After installation, the software will place a shortcut to the database in your Portable Media.
With Protectorion ToGo, you have a great software that comes with some useful features and options. The intuitive interface and the use of multiple languages make the program easy to use.
The program is compatible with all the major portable storage devices. You can easily protect or unprotect files with Protectorion ToGo and rest assured that the data is kept safe.


ProPower-Encrypt Password —
Security/Encryption Tools… The ProPower-Encrypt Password software is a handy utility that helps you encrypt files, folders and entire drives in a matter of seconds. The software

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Monitor, record, protect.
It’s more than a music player
BT Watcher is a media player that provides services you may not be able to find elsewhere. For instance, you can hide your collection of Internet radio stations in different folders. This way, you can manage the music you want to listen to on your phone. Another useful feature is the ability to record whatever your phone is broadcasting, such as traffic, radio, and even live television.
The entire interface is designed with a single purpose in mind – to help you listen to your favorite songs, and to store everything you find worthy of being saved. It’s been said that the software is more than a music player, but we feel that’s not entirely true. But it certainly does provide everything you’ll need to enjoy your music.
Easy to navigate interface
BT Watcher interface is one of the easiest you’ll ever use. After launching the program, you’re taken to the main screen. The only thing you need to do is to select an available folder, or a specific song.
The left pane features most of the controls. It can be minimized to show only the volume display, and the title of the folder you’re currently listening to. If you have more than one window open, they will appear inside this pane, so you won’t miss out on anything.
The selection pane on the other hand allows you to choose your favorite radio stations. As you can see, most of the options allow you to edit the selection, while you can add to it as well. For instance, you can add the one you just heard, or quickly select the one you were listening to before, and then go to a new one.
The upper left corner features an icon that lets you quickly access the music catalog. You can sort the music as you see fit, search for the one you’re looking for, or even buy it.
The lower half of the main screen allows you to manage all the settings, such as the ones you just mentioned. You can control how much you wish to see in the left pane, as well as the pane’s position. You can also control the volume of your audio, as well as select what you want to be recorded.
Different video recording options
You can choose from four different recording options, depending on what you’re trying to accomplish. As a matter of fact, you can even go as far as

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Say hello to one of the most functional and convenient applications to keep a list of things on your computer. To do it, installMemo and give it a try.
Main features:
— Notes taking feature.
— Text editor.
— Configurable interface, including font, size and color.
— Font sizes and colors can be set in different ways (among others, via the text style).
— Drag and drop functionality.
— Different formatting options and animation effects.
— Font, size and color settings.
— Optional date and time alarm.
— Notes and text can be copied as links.
— Key combination support (Ctrl-Shift-C and Ctrl-Shift-N).
— Encrypted data, and password protection.
— Desktop notification icon for notes that are saved.
— Notes can be renamed.
— Notes can be exported and imported in CSV format.
— Notes can be sorted by name or date.
— Notes can be shared as text files.
— Support for UTF8 languages.
— Support for Japanese, Simplified Chinese and Korean languages.
— Supported also Microsoft Office 2007 files formats (doc, xls, ppt).
— Automatic backup every five minutes.
— Scheduling.
— Notes are saved in the (Windows) system tray (for the application icon and notes count).
— Notes can be deleted from the tray menu.
— Support for Windows 8.
— Clickable notes and text for more options.
— Compatible with the Ribbon interface.
— Full Unicode support.
— Stable and free.
notes memo

BitJournal is a simple tool that allows you to create and organize to-do lists, track your favorite websites and share those lists and websites with the rest of your group. In addition to creating to-do lists, BitJournal will display a list of websites you visit, with a progress bar displaying the time you’ve spent on each website.

A to-do list application. For Windows.
You’re working in your regular day to day business. All of a sudden, an idea hits you. What

What’s New In Memo?

Ever wondered why the developer tools for Sass and Less are still in a relatively early stage? Probably because the answer is: because the languages are easy to learn and use, but hard to master. The Sass and Less skillset has a steep learning curve and goes a bit beyond just color and typography.

Built on the principles of Functional Programming, Reactive Programming, and the Actor Model, Scala enforces types on methods and arguments through the use of type classes and generic type parameters. Type classes allow us to make code more type-safe, while generic type parameters are a way to make code more extensible.
This talk is about how these ideas can be applied to Scala to make it much more extensible and type-safe. We will go over:
— The general nature of types
— How type classes work
— How to build generic interfaces (a.k.a. trait objects)
— Where to put type classes and how to restrict the use of them
— How to deal with recursive types in type classes
— The role of type classes in making code more type-safe and extensible

The aim of this talk is to demystify the Scala compiler by showing how important it is to think of it as a first-class language in your applications, and give an introduction into the type system and class based paradigm in Scala.

Elasticsearch is one of the more mature full-text search engines available. However, it has a steep learning curve and is not trivial to setup and run. At Elastic we want to provide a more user-friendly and complete product, so in this talk, we will show how to install, configure and use Elasticsearch in your application.
You will learn:
— How to install and configure Elasticsearch
— How to set up a basic index with mappings
— How to add, search, and modify documents
— How to visualize your data in Kibana
— How to monitor Elasticsearch
We’ll demonstrate how to get started using Elasticsearch in your Ruby and Node.js applications, and we’ll dive into Elasticsearch in the Ruby and Node.js communities. Elasticsearch is being used in many production-scale applications, including:
— New Relic
— Pusher
— Vimeo
— Eventbrite

At the heart of big data is the notion of data stream. Scala has both a good data model and a very mature API for building data streams.
We will look at how to model streaming data using Scala and how it can be used to read from a Cassandra data store. We will compare Scala’s streaming model with those used by the Hadoop ecosystem and evaluate whether it has advantages over the current Hadoop Streaming API.
We will finish by presenting a simple reactive API for interacting with a stream. This API allows the programmer to work with Scala actors in

System Requirements For Memo: — FAQ
Multiplayer Features
In single player, there will be story driven single player missions.
These missions will be hosted by NPCs that are found in the cargo bay of the Normandy.
In-between missions, the player can visit the Normandy’s cargo bay, free-for-all style, in multi-player.
When hosting, there is the option to «hold» a drop-zone.
Holding a drop-zone


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