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Twitch Rewatcher is a complete video downloader for Twitch. At this moment, this application works only with the Twitch VODs.

The package also include shortcut icons for easy access to download-related features. Furthermore, if you’d like to see what it looks like in action, you can always download it from my blog. To sum things up, feel free to use it, if you like this kind of application.

There’s no shortage of free streaming sites on the internet, but there are always those names that stick out for various reasons. That is not to say there isn’t anyone out there that wants to, or is willing to, pay for a service with a better feel and more choices. In this case, 1ChannelTV or else known as 1ChannelTV for iOS. Unlike other streaming applications that are basically optimized for video downloaders, the purpose of the site isn’t to provide content for viewing, unless you’re willing to pay to view it. Instead, it’s optimized for those people that want to be able to directly download videos from their source. It is the exact same concept as, but working specifically on iOS.

If you’re familiar with, 1ChannelTV looks like a dream come true. It’s a fully functional application for the iPhone and iPad. You can also see it in action and see how it looks at this page. That said, it seems like the app was developed with the intent of providing download support but not streaming support. This would be due to the fact that the feature set isn’t complete. You can see that this is the case if you try to open the app and find that it crashes. As such, while it looks like the feature set is complete, it’s not until it’s fully functional when you can expect to see it live in action.

In addition to the one-channel-video downloader, 1ChannelTV has options for downloading content in other formats as well. These include iPod, MP3, and MP4. Of course, it’s not as convenient of an experience as if you were watching the video on, but still worth noting that it’s functional.

As for the technical set up, it’s actually pretty straightforward. If you’re looking to get started with the application, all you have to do is enter your favorite keyword, YouTube, and the video will be tagged as such. From there you can easily select the channel of your

Twitch Rewatcher Download [32|64bit]

It’s not often that you get a chance to catch a Twitch stream up-close and personal like that, and we want to be able to capture that to share with our friends. We currently support downloads of streamed videos from and, but we would like to continue improving and adding support for future services. At present it’s an ugly utility that does what it says on the tin.
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App Reviews

Problem download



This is exactly what it says it does. I wanted to download the same video from different sources, or add a different video from a youtube stream in order to get both in one place. So I put it in and added a bunch of links in case it became something else. Four hours later and my computer is doing nothing but spinning its wheels. The main issue is that if I change a link it doesn’t even update the video (or at least it hasn’t). It also downloads the chat stream along with the video if you check the box. If you don’t want the chat stream, there is no option to select it. Overall, not a very useful app and I wouldn’t recommend it.

Needs updating



It needs to be updated or something. It has become an unreliable source of allowing us to access the stream. It has stopped working more than a couple of times. The developer needs to get his stuff together or at least notify us that it won’t work.

Would work better if you fixed the…



Would be a totally useful program if it didn’t always get stuck trying to rescan video in a playlist. It also does weird stuff like first saying it’s going to download, but then not, and force quitting after it’s done.

It’s now bundled with download support



App is now free and includes chat download. The developer has included an easy «update» button in the icon in the last few days. Just hit it and it will update and you are now done.

More features



Would work better if you fixed the…

Could be a bit more useful.



I was starting to like this application until the developers decided to force check all

Twitch Rewatcher [Latest] 2022

Discover what other people are watching together with you.
With Twitch Rewatcher, you can watch other people’s videos live together with the chat live stream from the right of the video. Download the stream to keep it forever.Welcome to the Ace’s Lounge Forums — Have a drink and a chat with other members about anything related to the TV and Movie industry!


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What’s New in the Twitch Rewatcher?

Download Twitch VODs including the chat stream on the right of the video.

Get Twitch Chats as Live as if it was actually being live streamed.

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Have a suggestion? Found an error on this page? Then just drop us a line and we’ll take care of it.

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System Requirements For Twitch Rewatcher:

Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Mac OS X 10.4.10 or later
Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 3.0 GHz or faster
1GB Video Memory
DirectX 9.0c
CPU Core clock = 3.0GHz
GPU Core clock = 350MHz (in all cases a core clock of 3.0GHz is required)
System requirements:
PostgreSQL 9.0 or higher
SQLite 3.7.2 or


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